Want It” by Nano Shayray & Yebo: A Harmonious Blend of Afrobeats and R&B Elegance

Want It" by Nano Shayray & Yebo: A Harmonious Blend of Afrobeat and R&B Elegance

About Me

Nano Shayray, a vibrant musical force hailing from Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, introduces a fusion of diverse sounds from Afrobeat to trap. Born in Lagos and raised in Abuja, Nano Shayray provides a unique perspective on the evolving music scene in the capital. Drawing inspiration from global icons like Post Malone and Travis Scott, as well as homegrown talents Wizkid and Burna Boy, Nano Shayray blends thoughtful lyricism with captivating melodies.

Musical Journey

Nano’s foray into music was sparked by the singing prowess of his sisters. Post-secondary school, he delved into studio recording and hasn’t looked back since. His musical journey has been marked by exploration, pushing creative boundaries, and a hunger to share his sound with the world. With top-charting albums and collaborations with peers like Psycho YP and Zilla Oaks, Nano Shayray’s sound continues to evolve visibly.

Signature Style

Passionate about Afrobeat and trap, Nano Shayray refuses to be confined by genres, emphasizing meaningful lyrics and resonant melodies. He dedicates himself to crafting music that not only captivates musically but also emotionally connects with listeners on a profound level.

Notable Achievements

Nano Shayray’s career boasts impressive achievements, including peaking at number 13 on Apple Music’s world charts, recognition as DJ Cuppy’s favorite new artist, and a feature on the Apple Music Dotty Show in 2023. These milestones shape his identity and fuel his creative journey.

Influences and Inspirations

Influenced by the likes of Runtown, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Young Thug, Nano Shayray’s work is infused with depth and originality, drawing from a diverse range of sources.


Nano Shayray’s discography is a testament to his artistic evolution, featuring notable works such as “Ad Libs and Autotune” (2019), “Fell in a Trap Mixtape” (2020), “Naked EP” (2021), and the recent “It’s About That Time EP” (2023). His latest single

Get ready to embark on a soul-stirring journey as Nano Shayray and Yebo join forces to deliver “Want It,” a musical masterpiece that seamlessly fuses the rhythmic enchantment of Afrobeat with the emotive grace of R&B.

The Sonic Canvas: Enveloped in the lush sounds of piano-laced production by Yebo, Nano Shayray paints a sonic canvas that resonates with the intricacies of delayed affection and the yearning for a response from an elusive object of desire. The musical synergy between Nano Shayray and Yebo brings forth a harmonious blend that transcends genres, creating an atmosphere of musical enchantment.

Lyricism That Speaks Volumes: In “Want It,” Nano Shayray becomes the lyrical storyteller, eloquently narrating the universal tale of a heart caught in the throes of infatuation and the tender impatience that accompanies such emotions. His pen gracefully dances across the melody, weaving a narrative that echoes the sentiments of countless hearts in search of a profound connection.

Soulful Melodies and Francophone Flair: “Want It” is not just a song; it’s an emotional odyssey adorned with soulful melodies that linger in the air like a gentle breeze. Nano Shayray’s vocals breathe life into every lyric, infusing the composition with an authentic and emotive resonance. The inclusion of spoken French adds a layer of sophistication, inviting listeners to revel in the richness of linguistic diversity.

Speaking the Minds of Many: Nano Shayray stands as a musical conduit, speaking the minds of those who navigate the delicate dance of longing and anticipation in matters of the heart. “Want It” captures the essence of the human experience, making it a relatable anthem for anyone who has ever sought a connection that unfolds at its own pace.

A Symphony of Connection: As you immerse yourself in the evocative soundscape of “Want It,” be prepared to traverse the realms of emotion and desire. Nano Shayray and Yebo have crafted not just a song but a symphony of connection, where every note and every word resonates with the universal yearning for love and understanding.

Experience the Elegance: “Want It” is more than a musical collaboration; it’s an invitation to experience the elegance of Afrobeat and R&B interwoven with the poetry of Nano Shayray’s heartfelt lyrics. Let the music guide you through the nuances of emotions, and let the lyrics become the soundtrack to your own story of connection.


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Nano Shayray


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– Email: nanoshayray@gmail.com

– Phone: +234 9044824299

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