Updated RADARTop25 Playlist: Featuring Asound as the Face of the Playlist

Asound Afrotonic

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our RADARTop25 Playlist, curated with the hottest tracks from emerging talents across the music scene.

As we unveil our top 25 picks, we are excited to showcase Asound as the face of the playlist with his electrifying track “Too Lit.”

Discover the Top 25 Tracks:

  • Asound – Too Lit
  • Choo – Owomi
  • ZaddyTC – Fansidar
  • Forbin Audrey – Eyole
  • FirstKlaz – GenZ Fuji
  • Hold Up – Blazehensaw
  • Celo – Adrenaline
  • MBBSZN, Ahlee – 12Am in Wuse
  • Khalie – Blessings
  • Pawzz – Ogaranya
  • ZaddyTC – IDM
  • Gengz4TGg, Flexbee – Older
  • V5ive – I Remember
  • Rave, HitSound – Trabaye
  • CupidSZN – Finito
  • Afroselecta-BBK, Reeplay, Laxy BBK – Imagine Say
  • Uzzi King, MFS, BBK – Susana
  • Spaceryde – Shit I Like
  • Llona – Comforter
  • Uzzi King – Sunmomi
  • Laxy BBK, FirstKlaz & OdumoduBlvck – Conscience
  • Icebeatzz, Venom, Fozter – PARANOID
  • EightyEightwonder – 02:00 AM
  • FirstKlaz – Ogini

Asound: Leading the Charge

Asound takes center stage with his chart-topping hit “Too Lit,” a track that embodies the energy and vibe of the RADARTop25 Playlist. With its infectious beats and catchy lyrics, “Too Lit” sets the tone for an electrifying listening experience that will have you hitting repeat.

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