Hafrikplay and InterSpace Music Group Join Forces to Enhance Dj Mixes Creation & Listener Experience

[Lagos, 15 February 2024]

Hafrikplay, the leading music streaming platform dedicated to promoting African talent, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with InterSpace Music Group, a premier destination for music distribution, marketing, and label services.

About Hafrikplay:

Hafrikplay has established itself as a go-to platform for discovering and enjoying the best of African music. With a focus on empowering artists and connecting them with a global audience, Hafrikplay provides a unique space for both emerging and established talents to showcase their creativity.

About InterSpace Music Group:

InterSpace Music Group is committed to nurturing and promoting African talent on a global scale. As a record label, they offer comprehensive music distribution, marketing, and label services to artists, ensuring their music reaches a diverse audience worldwide.

Additionally, their subsidiaries, InterSpaceSoundSystem and InterSpaceDistro, cater to DJ mix curation and music distribution, respectively.

The Partnership:

This strategic partnership between Hafrikplay and InterSpace Music Group aims to amplify the reach and impact of African music on the global stage.

By combining Hafrikplay’s extensive reach and user base with InterSpace Music Group’s expertise in music distribution and label services, the collaboration seeks to create unparalleled opportunities for African artists.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Maximized Exposure: Artists on Hafrikplay will benefit from enhanced distribution and marketing services provided by InterSpace Music Group, ensuring their music reaches a broader and more diverse audience.

Curated DJ Mixes: Hafrikplay users will gain access to exclusive DJ mixes curated by InterSpaceSoundSystem, offering a unique and immersive music experience.

Comprehensive Label Services: Through InterSpace Music Group’s label services, artists on Hafrikplay will receive support in areas such as music distribution, marketing, and licensing, empowering them to maximize their potential in the industry.

Collaborative Promotional Initiatives: The partnership will facilitate collaborative promotional initiatives, including playlist placements, artist features, and cross-platform promotions, further enhancing the visibility of African music on a global scale.


Omobosola Karimat Alaka , COO of Hafrikplay:”We are excited to partner with InterSpace Music Group to further our mission of promoting African music worldwide.

Together, we aim to provide unparalleled support and opportunities for African artists, empowering them to succeed in the music industry.”

Eric Okechukwu, Founder of InterSpace Music Group: “We are thrilled to join forces with Hafrikplay in our shared goal of elevating African music on a global scale.

Through this partnership, we look forward to offering comprehensive support and innovative solutions to artists, enabling them to thrive and reach new heights of success.”

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