Exclusive Release Alert on Hafrikplay: The Love Tape Side C EP by The Holidayy


The airwaves are about to be graced with a musical masterpiece that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Brace yourselves as The Holidayy unveils “The Love Tape Side C EP,” a three-song saga that delves into the profound facets of love. What makes this release even more exciting?

It will be exclusively available on Hafrikplay starting on the 11th of December 2023.

The Love Continuum:
In this musical odyssey, The Holidayy crafts a narrative that follows the journey of a young man who, once broken in Love Tape Side B, now stands on the brink of newfound hope, believing he’s found the love of his life.

The front page of the EP tantalizingly hints at inspirational details, sparking a mood that proves love is not only real but ever-present around us.

Global Release and Distribution:

While the EP is set to be available on all platforms from the 8th of December 2023, Hafrikplay is proud to announce its exclusive unveiling on the 11th of December.

Distributed by PJMG, this release marks a significant collaboration between a talented artist and a platform dedicated to bringing the best in African music to its audience.

Top-Tier Musical Elements:
“The Love Tape Side C EP” boasts an array of top-tier features, including:
– Top-class productions
– Relatable lyrics
– Catchy melodies
– Beautiful choruses
– Pinpoint accurate features

These elements collectively contribute to making this project a standout in the realm of musical excellence.

Track by Track Revelations:

1. “IF” – Afro-Raggaeton Delight:
– The EP commences with the rhythmic allure of “IF,” a fusion of Afro and Raggaeton vibes. This track perfectly aligns with the emotional closure of Love Tape Side B, featuring a catchy chorus that sets the stage for an Afro-Raggaeton groove.

It’s not just a song; it’s an experience for those in love, those searching for it, and anyone ready to dance to its uptempo, bouncy beat.

2. “Falling” – Love’s Ascension:
– The second song, “Falling,” takes a deeper dive into the transformative power of love. Evoking the essence of a growing relationship, this soulful Afrobeat track is perfect for intimate moments.

Whether it’s for moments of reflection, making love, or simply falling in love, the soulful beats set the perfect vibe.

3. “You and Me” – Coffee Table Conversations:
– Concluding the EP is “You and Me,” a slow, deep exploration of the conversations lovers have before marriage.

Featuring dialogues and heart-to-heart singing in both Swahili and English, this track captivates the essence of home while maintaining a universal appeal.

Behind the Scenes:
The 3-song EP is a collaborative effort involving:
– Three producers: Oddz from Kenya, Mxrc from Nigeria, and Northeenz from Tanzania
– Two mixing and mastering engineers

As the release date approaches, Hafrikplay invites you to immerse yourself in the musical prowess of The Holidayy and experience love’s journey in a way that’s authentic, relatable, and undeniably enchanting.

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