Unveiling the Rising Star: Choo’s Musical Trial To Stardom

Choo Hidden Gems Revealed

Nwuba Chiemerie Favor, widely known as Choo, is a budding Afro-pop fusion artist whose musical journey is as vibrant as his melodies.

Born on May 13th and hailing from Akwa South, Enugu, Choo is currently a student at Enugu State University (ESUT).

Influenced by musical legends like Post Malone, Jon Bellion, and AJR, Choo brings a fresh perspective to the music scene with his unique style.

Musical Journey: Choo’s rise to prominence began with the release of his viral hit track “Owomi” in 2023, capturing the attention of the industry and fans alike.

A multifaceted artist, Choo is dedicated to his craft, continuously refining his skills and delivering authentic music. His latest release, “Owomi,” produced by Nami and co-produced by Choo himself, showcases his talent and versatility.

Throughout his career, Choo has contributed to notable projects in the industry, including writing credits on the popular track “SAINT OBI” by ODUMODUBLVCK & Reeplay from the “EZIOKWU” album.

In 2024, he signed a career development and management contract with Royal Empire Management, signaling a new chapter in his musical journey.

Signature Style: Choo’s music is characterized by melodic rhythms, storytelling lyrics, and infectious melodies. His distinctive style, coupled with his Afro-inspired fashion sense, sets him apart in the industry. With a focus on crafting emotionally resonant music, Choo aims to connect with listeners on a deeper level.

Notable Achievements: Choo’s impressive discography includes projects like “Walk on Water (WoW EP),” “Owomi,” “Zuzu,” and collaborations like “Alone with EASTSIDEALIEN.” His upcoming project, “Protocol Breaker,” is highly anticipated and promises to showcase his artistic evolution.

Future Plans: Looking ahead, Choo has an array of exciting projects lined up for 2024, including the release of “Protocol Breaker Pack,” an album, media tours, radio tours, and mini-state tours. These endeavors reflect his commitment to artistic innovation and audience engagement.

Connect With Choo: Join Choo on his artistic journey by following him on social media (@super_chooo) and visiting his website (hype.co/@choo).

Whether you’re interested in collaborations, inquiries, or simply want to share your thoughts on his music, Choo welcomes you to be part of his musical odyssey. Thank you for joining him on this extraordinary adventure – let’s explore the endless possibilities of music together.

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