Music – NAPPYESE: Crafting Holistic Harmony in Music and Wellness

Introduction: Welcome to the enchanting world of Ese, the empathic genre-bending artist who is revolutionizing the music industry through her unique blend of Afro-Soul, Pop, Fusion, and Beats.

Dive into her musical journey, discover her signature style, and explore the intersections of music and sustainable wellness with NAPPYESE WELLNESS.

Musical Journey: Ese‘s musical odyssey began in the local church choir, where the seeds of her passion for music were sown.

From singing Disney tunes with her sisters to writing her first song at 13, Ese‘s journey took a detour into the modeling business for over a decade.

Rediscovering music through the lens of wellness ignited a new flame in her, leading to the creation of soulful music that aims to heal both herself and her listeners.

Signature Style: Ese‘s signature style is an eclectic mix born from her love for diverse music genres.

Experimental and soulful, her music features undertones of acapella, deep beats, and cinematic instrumental sounds.

With a penchant for strings, Ese has embarked on a journey to master the guitar and dreams of playing the harp.

Her distinctive style is a testament to her commitment to creating something fresh and unique with each composition.

Notable Achievements: The year 2023 marked significant milestones for Ese. Breaking through the airwaves on both radio and TV, she performed her song “Power of my Mind” on TVCs Wakeup Nigeria.

Collaborating with underground international artists from America and Italy showcased the global potential of her indie artistry.

Growing her newsletter community and Spotify followers organically reaffirmed that her efforts are making an impact.

Existing Projects and Future Plans: Ese‘s ongoing projects include perfecting her guitar skills and working on her next EP, a follow-up to her 2020 Demo-Album.

She’s in the process of forming a band and organizing her first music and wellness tour locally. With plans to expand venues and accessibility, Ese envisions a vibrant future for her live shows.

Influences and Inspirations: Drawing inspiration from soulful divas like Sade Adu and Nina Simone, as well as contemporary spiritual artists like Deva and Mereba,

Ese‘s influences span across genres. She also finds inspiration in the sensual vibes of Jhene Aiko, creating a rich tapestry of musical influence that enriches her unique sound.

Discography: Explore Ese‘s musical evolution through her discography, featuring soul-stirring tracks such as “So It Goes,” “Inner Peace EP + Dropout,” and the empowering “Power of my Mind.”

Keep an eye out for her upcoming release, “Zoom,” promising yet another enchanting musical experience.

Upcoming Projects: Ese recently launched her first music and wellness tour, held every full moon at Tarkwa Bay Beach Island.

The next live show on December 27th is eagerly anticipated, coinciding with the release of “Zoom.” As Ese plans to add more venues and dates, the tour promises to be a mesmerizing experience for mainlanders and islanders alike.

Connect With Me: Join Ese on her holistic artistic journey by following her on Instagram and Threads @nappyesemusic, TikTok @nappyese, and visiting her website

Reach out for collaborations, inquiries, or simply to share your thoughts on music. Be a part of Ese’s musical world, and stay tuned for more beyond the realm of music.

Thank you for being a part of NAPPYESE, where music and wellness harmonize to create a balanced and holistic artistic experience. Stick around for the magic that Ese has in store for the world.

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