Music – Mr Eazi – Chop Time, No Friend

Nigerian musical genius, Mr Eazi has released a brand new single titled, “Chop Time, No Friend.”

Chop Time, No Friend” is a playful return to the Banku Music sound Mr Eazi pioneered and popularized with his early singles and mixtapes.

“Chop Time, No Friend” is a very common Ghanaian saying, something you will see written on the front or side of buses like God is Great,” Mr Eazi says.

“It means when you are eating, you don’t think about anybody. You are just focused on your enjoyment.” For Eazi, it’s a way to express how he doesn’t let haters distract him from enjoying the fruits of his success.

“It is touching on how people chitchat on me, but I am still focused on my enjoyment,” Eazi says. “It is a declaration, a celebration of self. I am saying everything I touch turns to gold. You can’t trouble me.”

Listen HERE