Music – Burna Boy – Sittin’ On Top Of The World

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Burna Boy, has released his first single of the year titled “Sittin’ On Top Of The World“.

With his unique blend of African rhythms and contemporary sounds, Burna Boy continues to prove himself as one of the most exciting artists in the world music industry today.

The song “Sittin’ On Top Of The World” showcases Burna Boy‘s signature style, with its infectious beat and catchy lyrics. It’s a feel-good track that will have you dancing along in no time. The song is a testament to Burna Boy’s talent as a songwriter and performer, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans around the world.

As for the production of the song, credit goes to the talented music producer, Skread. The producer is known for his work with some of the biggest names in the music industry, and he brings his expertise to this latest offering from Burna Boy. The result is a polished and professional sound that perfectly complements Burna Boys vocals and lyrics.

listen HERE