Introducing Choo: The Afro-Pop Sensation Breaking Protocols


Nwuba Chiemerie Favor, affectionately known as CHOO, is a rising star in the Afro-pop fusion scene. Hailing from Akwa South, Enugu, and currently a student at Enugu State University (ESUT), Choo is making waves with his distinctive musical style influenced by greats like Post Malone, Jon Bellion, and AJR.

Musical Journey

Choo’s musical journey has been one of dedication and authenticity. His breakout hit, “Owomi,” catapulted him into the spotlight in 2023, garnering widespread attention and acclaim. But Choo’s success didn’t happen overnight. He’s been honing his craft for years, contributing to the industry with tracks like “Good Riddance,” “Way Forward,” “ZuZu,” and his collaborative work on the SAINT OBI track by ODUMODUBLVCK & Reeplay.

In 2024, Choo signed a career development and management deal with Royal Empire Management, signaling a new chapter in his career. His upcoming project, “Protocol Breaker,” promises to be a game-changer, featuring two tracks including the fan-favorite “Owomi.”

Signature Style

Choo’s music is characterized by its melodic rhythm, storytelling lyrics, and infectious melodies. With his beanie/head warmer headgear and leather combat suits, he brings a unique blend of Afro-centric fashion to his performances. But beyond the aesthetics, Choo’s music aims to connect with listeners on a deeper, emotional level.

Notable Achievements

Throughout his career, Choo has achieved significant milestones, including songwriting credits on the acclaimed “EZIOKWU” album and representing Enugu on the national stage. His dedication to his craft and his ability to resonate with audiences have earned him a place among Nigeria’s most promising talents.

Existing Projects and Future Plans

Choo’s discography already boasts impressive works like “Walk on Water (WoW EP),” “Zuzu,” and collaborations like “Alone” with EASTSIDEALIEN. Looking ahead, he has ambitious plans, including the release of his “Protocol Breaker” pack, an album, and a series of tours to connect with fans across the country.

Influences and Inspirations

Choo draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources, from musical influences like Wizkid and Burna Boy to real-life experiences like xenophobia and human trafficking. This blend of influences infuses his work with depth and originality, making each track a reflection of his unique perspective.

Connect With Choo

Join Choo on his artistic journey by following him on social media and visiting his website. Whether you’re interested in collaborations, inquiries, or simply want to connect and share your thoughts on his music, Choo welcomes you to be a part of his musical journey.


Thank you for being part of Choo’s music journey. Let’s connect and explore the endless possibilities of music together.

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