[Lagos, 19/11/2023] — HafrikPlay, the trailblazing African music streaming platform, is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Afrotonic Vibes,a french based online radio dedicated to showcasing emerging talents in the music industry.


The collaboration aims to provide a groundbreaking space for music lovers to discover a rich array of sounds from Africa’s diverse music landscape. Afrotonic Vibes, known for its commitment to promoting tomorrow’s talents, will curate a special playlist available exclusively on HafrikPlay, amplifying the visibility of emerging artists across the continent.


Key Features of the Partnership:


  1. Exclusive Playlists: Afrotonic Vibes will curate a weekly playlist, showcasing the best of emerging talents in Afrobeats and various African genres.


  1. Artist Spotlights: Joint campaigns and features to spotlight promising artists, providing them with a platform to share their unique sounds.


  1. Community Engagement: Collaborative events and Twitter Spaces to foster dynamic discussions and engage with the vibrant community of music enthusiasts.


  1. Cross-Promotion: Mutual promotion on respective platforms, amplifying the reach and impact of the partnership.


This partnership aligns with HafrikPlay’s mission to offer a platform that not only streams music but also acts as a catalyst for the discovery and promotion of emerging talents in the African music scene.




Omobosola Karimat Alaka, Head of Operations at HafrikPlay:

“We are excited to join forces with Afrotonic Vibes, a platform that shares our passion for promoting the diverse sounds of Africa. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing a stage for emerging artists and enhancing the music discovery experience for our users.”


Jack Wilson, Chief Executive Officer Afrotonic Vibes :

“At Afrotonic Vibes, we believe in nurturing and showcasing tomorrow’s talents. Partnering with HafrikPlay allows us to expand our reach and bring our curated playlists and music library to a broader audience, creating a unique space for music lovers to explore the richness of African music.”


About HafrikPlay:

HafrikPlay is a leading African music streaming platform that prioritizes the discovery of emerging talents. With a vast library spanning various African genres, HafrikPlay offers users a dynamic and immersive music experience.


About Afrotonic Vibes:

Afrotonic Vibes is an online radio platform dedicated to discovering and promoting emerging talents in the music industry. With a focus on creating awareness for the artists of tomorrow, Afrotonic Vibes offers a unique space for music enthusiasts to explore diverse sounds.


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