Exclusive Release on Hafrikplay: Chipio the Spirit Unleashes “Akpunwa” on December 12th, 2023

Buckle up, music enthusiasts! Chipio the Spirit is gearing up to ignite the airwaves with the first release from his much-anticipated project, “AFFORESTATION.”

Titled “Akpunwa,” this Afro Pop anthem, laced with an Oproko vibe, is more than just a song—it’s a “Hustlers Anthem for all Hustlers worldwide,” as described by the artist himself.

The Essence of “Akpunwa”:

“Akpunwa” stands as a testament to the artist’s commitment to crafting a musical narrative that transcends boundaries. Described as an Afro Pop sound infused with an indigenous Oproko vibe, the song is a vibrant celebration of the hustle. Chipio the Spirit has carefully woven elements that resonate not just within the realm of music but across various professions. “Akpunwa,” chanted in the chorus, serves as a rallying cry for all individuals tirelessly grinding to turn their dreams into reality.

A Universal Call to Action:

This isn’t just a song for the music aficionados; it’s a rallying call for the hustlers, the go-getters, and anyone relentlessly pushing towards their goals. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you identify with the spirit of constant grind, then “Akpunwa” is tailor-made for you.

The Making of “Akpunwa”:

Behind the scenes, the magic is orchestrated by talented hands:
– 🎧 Produced by EEbro Beats:
– EEbro Beats lends his production prowess to create the infectious beats that underscore the anthem’s rhythmic energy.

– 🎚️ Mixed and Mastered by Abalu Beats:
– Abalu Beats takes the reins for mixing and mastering, ensuring that every note and beat is finely tuned for an immersive sonic experience.

Exclusivity on Hafrikplay:

Save the date—December 12th, 2023—because “Akpunwa” will be exclusively dropping on Hafrikplay. This partnership between Chipio the Spirit and Hafrikplay promises not just a song release but a musical experience that reverberates with the spirit of relentless determination.

Join the Akpunwa Movement:
As the release day approaches, mark your calendars, follow Chipio the Spirit on Hafrikplay, and get ready to join the Akpunwa movement. Whether you’re hustling in the streets or in the boardroom, this anthem is here to amplify your grind.

🔗 Immerse yourself in the rhythmic journey of “Akpunwa” now Available exclusively on Hafrikplay.

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