Entertainment – Unveiling the Extraterrestrial Sounds of EastsideAlien: Journey through Afro-Rap

In the bustling heart of Nigeria’s eastern region, a musical force emerges, captivating audiences with a unique blend of Afro-rap vibes. Meet Udegbunam Richmond, better known by his stage name, EastsideAlien. With an enigmatic persona and an electrifying presence, EastsideAlien is redefining the landscape of Nigerian music, representing the next generation of cultural expression.

About Me:

EastsideAlien is more than just an artist; he is a symbol of innovation and authenticity in the music scene. Hailing from the eastern region of Nigeria, he brings a fresh perspective to Afro-rap, infusing traditional elements with modern beats.

Musical Journey:

Officially embarking on his musical journey in 2019 with the release of his debut track “HYPOCRITES,” EastsideAlien quickly garnered attention for his distinct style and lyrical prowess.

Signature Style:

Sporting his iconic red alien mask and the catchphrase “just trynna get it done. POW!, EastsideAlien‘s signature style is as unforgettable as his music. It’s a fusion of individuality and creativity that sets him apart in the industry.

Notable Achievements:

EastsideAlien has achieved significant milestones throughout his career, including collaborations with renowned artists like JeriQ, elevating his status within the music community.

Projects and Future Plans:

With projects like “DUB IN THE RARE END,” “Trill & Drill,” and “Alien from the East” under his belt, EastsideAlien continues to push boundaries. Excitement brews as he gears up for the release of his upcoming EP, “AREA 51,” scheduled for April 5th, promising listeners an unparalleled musical experience.

Influences and Inspirations:

Drawing inspiration from his music group VTB and his personal journey, EastsideAlien‘s sound is a reflection of his roots and aspirations, making each track a testament to his authenticity.


With an impressive discography including hits like “YBTMH” with Nami & JeriQ, “Alone” with Choo, and collaborations such as “Clones” with De Party Animals, EastsideAlien continues to captivate audiences with his diverse range of sounds.

Upcoming Projects:

As anticipation mounts for the release of “AREA 51,” EastsideAlien teases fans with the promise of more groundbreaking music on the horizon.

Connect With Me:

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In a world inundated with musical trends, EastsideAlien emerges as a beacon of originality, paving the way for a new era of Afro-rap. With his unwavering dedication and infectious energy, he continues to leave an indelible mark on the music scene, inspiring generations to come.