Entertainment – Discovering Koasmilli: A Passionate Journey Through Music

About Me
Music has always been my source of joy and inspiration. Whenever I find myself singing worship songs, I’m filled with happiness, and I’ve always sought to blend those worship melodies with various other music styles. This passion for music had me contemplating a career as a DJ or a beat producer. Simultaneously, my love for creating my own lyrics and engaging in rap battles with friends during school days became a significant part of my musical identity.

Musical Journey
My journey into the music world began at a very young age. Life has taught me that there is a time for everything, emphasizing the importance of patience and not rushing faster than one’s shadow. My initial spark for music ignited in church and school, heavily influenced by my parents, who were church singers when I was young. They have been a profound inspiration in my music journey, even though they might not have realized it. Growing up in the early Gen Z era, particularly during the time of the Plantation Bois, also played a crucial role in shaping my musical path.

Signature Style
My music style is a unique blend of Hip-Hop and RnB, which has evolved into Afro due to my environment and life experiences. I call this distinct fusion “Afro Sensation.”

Notable Achievements
To be very honest, I don’t feel I’ve achieved much yet as I’m still striving to be properly heard. As an independent artist, I prefer not to pressure myself about fame until I can fully finance my music career.

Existing Projects and Future Plans

Millidreams: A mixtape compilation with a single produced by the late Newman Beats.
Grace (Freestyle)
Konami and Stand Fit, produced by Brown On Da Track.

Future Plans:
My music movement is not rushed. I take my time to ensure my songs are authentic and reflective of my personal journey. Upcoming projects include:

Higher Doings: released on May 17th.
Omo Commoner The EP: Scheduled for release in July, promising to be worth the wait.

Influences and Inspirations
My musical influences stem from singing nursery rhymes, songs of praise, and drumming since childhood in school and my dad’s church. I am inspired by legendary artists who have elevated the music industry, such as 2Face, Wande Coal, Burna Boy, Terry G, General Pype, and Wizkid. I also draw inspiration from international artists like Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Omarion, and Akon.

Millidreams (Mixtape Compilation): Released in 2015, available on digital streaming platforms since 2021.
Grace (Freestyle): Released in 2022.
Konami: Released in 2022.
Stand Fit: Released in 2023.

Upcoming Projects
Higher Doings: Releasing on May 17th.
Omo Commoner The EP: Expected to be released in July.

Connect With Me
Experience the vision and beauty of my musical journey by following me on social media:

Facebook: Soundglobal
Instagram: @koasmilli
Twitter: @koasmilli
Join me on this incredible musical journey as I continue to explore and share my passion with the world.


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